Annual Parish Meeting May 2021

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in the Village Hall on Monday 24th May 2021 at 7.30 pm


Present:  J Daubney, C. Daubney, R Turnbull, B Rollett, A. Codd, R. Dent, C. Quirke.


1. To approve the Minutes of the last meeting held on 29th April 2019

Minutes of the last Annual Meeting were signed as a true record.

2. Report from the Chairman of the Parish Council

The Chairman said it had been a challenging year due to the Covid pandemic and gave a huge thanks to parishioners for helping neighbours, family members and vulnerable residents. He thanked Jim Harrison who has sanded and painted bench, gates and fence at the cemetery and generally tidied up the area. 

Councillors have adapted to remote meetings held via zoom. Thanks were given to Cllr Barnett who left the council early in the year and was replaced by Cllr Clark in May 2020. Recently Cllr Cook has given his resignation and council are seeking a replacement. Thanks again to George. Thanks too to Cllr Dent for Facebook posts keeping the village informed.

Grants have still been given to village organisations as council recognises the need to continue supporting village organisations as Covid restrictions ease. Remembrance Sunday service went ahead although a much smaller event. Thanks to Rev Briscoe and residents that attended.

Improvements to the play park have continued with installation of infant equipment anda football area.

Council is looking to extend the lease at the playing field as usage is increasing and remove the portacabin; continued improvements at the play area with installation of a picnic and seating area; refurbishment of the phone box; continue to improve the appearance of the village with refurbishment of benches and to tackle issues that matter to residents ie speeding vehicles through the 20s Plenty campaign.

3. Financial Report from the Clerk of the Council

Income for the year was £50,222 and expenditure £50,044. As at our Financial year end, 31st March 2021, we had a bank balance of £22,072 together with a liability of £50K Public Works loan for spend on the play park refurbishment.

The accounts have been prepared and signed off by the internal auditor. 

4. Church Report

Due to Covid restrictions Reverend Mark Briscoe was not in attendance. 

5. Reports from Village organisations

Due to Covid only members of the Village Hall committee were in attendance and gave a report. Chris Daubney as chairman thanked the parish council for the grant to rewire and renew electrics. New curtains and tables have been purchased and the toilets refurbished. Police Report  No police present.

6. Open Meeting



There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.45pm.